Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekly Inspiration By Dewi
Hello there!
Weddings are always a joyous occasion and as crafters, I am sure you itch to play a part in it. Well, for this week, I have gathered some ideas for a guest book set-up. Here goes:
I simply love Websters!
In this project there is actually a bit of coordination and foresight. A lot of the papers were mainly used in the guest book itself. The board, however, needed a bit of scraps from your last projects ( a good opportunity to used your leftovers and nic-nacs!)
Since the guests will be penning down their well wishes, I thought it is more sentimental if they were to do it the more traditional way… through letters. Thus the mini envelopes.

The guest book has the idea flowing in it too.

The cream flaps that you see will have Instax photographs pasted under them and so the flaps act as a protector AND doubles as spaces for the guests to pen down their wishes. Saves a lot of papers and cost, I tell you! Hehehe!

Ok so much for technical stuffs, I will end off with a pictorial summary of this week’s project. I hope this week’s project has inspired you.  Till next month then, keep on crafting!





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