Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekly Inspiration By Ridz
Exploding Box Stationery Set
Hi Everyone
This week I’d like to share with you an exploding box project with a slight twist to it. 
The box when closed looks like any regular boxes.  It measures about 4 inches all around.  Remove the lid and the box will “explode” to show off its contents.  In this exploding box, I’ve turned it into a stationery set.  Simply by placing pockets inside it you can put quite a substantial amount of stationery.  In here it houses 6 notecards, 6 mini envelopes, 6 tags and a little notebook.  I’ve put a flower in the center of the box to add a little decoration. 
I hope this has inspired you to create a stationery set of your own.  Do drop by “K”rafers’ Paradise to have a closer look at this and the other projects.

  The box closed up

Remove the lid and the box will “explode” to show off its contents.

Closer look at the mini notebook         
Closer look at the tags


Closer look at the notecards with envelopes


The entire stationery set

Products used :

KCK glittered and cardstock papers
KCK cardstock Stickers
KCK foam stickers for dimesion
Glossy accents glue




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