Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weekly Inspiration By Dewi
The school holidays are here again! How are you mummies and daddies coping ? I am sure your kids are enjoying themselves tremendously.
For this week's project, I was given a stash to work with. It consisted of products ranging from patterned papers to ribbons and stickers to stamps. I chose to include Sew Easy into this project since I just got them (and am dying to use them!).

My head spun with so many possibilities. But as usual, the idea got changed as I moved along the production quest. I had wanted to do a layering technique but ended up rather simply to enhance the prints of KCK's Glittering Glamour.
As you can see the final look is simple and that simplicity lends it a rather elegant look ...hmmm actually muchos gracias to the chandelier and candelabra hehehe... 
Anyway, here are some close shots of the details.
In my next projects, I think I would play with more Sew Easy. It felt like there is still great potential to be explored. But I liked the way it was easier to thread through the thick papers.
So were there any technique or product that caught your attention? Well, I do hope you found some inspirations here today. Do come back to visit us and we hope you will get more inspired to scrap.



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