Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekly Inspiration By Dewi

Hello fellow new and experienced crafters!
We will be having a double celebration in February : Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day . I am sure the 2 celebrations will tear you apart! LOL! Fear not! Start your cards now.
For today I have made 3 cards and categorized them under easy peasy level , medium pedium level and you-need-the-love level.
And this is my stash for the month.
Easy Peasy Level Card
For this card, I simply cut the ready tags-on-a-page and stuck one to the front of a 6” by 4” card. After that this card only required 2 pieces of short rectangular papers and blings!
The inside is also simple.
I tied a red string around it before pasting another tag from the paper stash. Then just bling it up!
As the string kind of run around, I took another tag and pasted it on the back page to hold it down. This also lend the card a nice finished look.

Just use a ready envelope to save the time
Medium Pedium Level Card
OK this card requires a bit more time but it is still easy enough for a newbie to try.
It is a single sided card and a slot-in envelope that has no flap.
Here’s the card :
It is a 12” by 6” paper folded along the middle. The tag was from the same paper as the earlier card. Just cut and paste. As for the ticket, you can actually buy it or simply print your own (which is quite easy to do). Let’s take a look at them together. 
Unique card idea, don’t you think? Use it to save the headache of thinking the kind of card you want to do for your special one.

You-need-the-love Level
OK this one requires more handiwork and in specific, needlework. But of course it has been made easy with the Sew Easy Kit ( I love this!)

So crisp and pretty! I love using ledger papers for layouts but it made a nice card set too! Let’s take a look at the card first. 

This card was layered and then sewn together. It has a backing to hide the needlework, too, making it a thick and sturdy card. Let’s look at the inside now.
Simple and clean lines, too. The tag is from the same paper that I have used in the earlier 2 cards. One page of that tag goes a long way!

Let’s look at them together now.
So, there’s my contribution for the week. Hope you have been inspired and will do one card for your loved one. Keep on creating memories everyone!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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