Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Weekly Inspiration By Alice
Hi there!
 As we all know 2012 is ending soon and with fast approaching 2013 just round the corner. Have you start to plan for 2013? Well, you can start now before you realize that the time is gone. 
For today I would like to share this simple butterfly card with you. This is parchment craft with tracing, embossing, stippling and cutting. The butterflies are tracing with white pencil on the vellum paper and embossed.  Butterflies are cut out using a 4 needle splitting tool. Flower stamen is used as an antenna for the butterflies. Pattern vellum papers and color card stock are used as the base for the card. Chose a sentiment sticker and paste on the card, alternatively you may print your message on a color card stock and stick to the card.
Parchment lesson is available at the shop, drop by and enquires more if you like to learn how to make this card.
Hope you will enjoy the card and wishing everyone Have a Happy day and Happy New Year.

Base of the card with vellum pattern papers and colour card stock. Paste the sentiments of your choice.
Close up view of the butterfly.
Completed card.



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