Thursday, December 6, 2012

 Weekly Inspiration By Alice
Festive seasons is just round the corner and everyone must be busy preparing presents for your family, friends, colleagues and the list keeps going on……
Have you consider making your own cards and gifts for your loved one. Here you go with ome ideas what to make for your friends and all the materials can be purchase from Krafers Paradise.
Christmas Party Popper card
How about making a Christmas party popper card, it requires plain red card stock, Christmas paper, ribbons and embellishments to finish off the card. Fold the plain red card stock into half and cut out the shape of a party popper. Cut another piece of the Christmas paper into the party popper shape and stick onto the plain red card stock with foam tape. Add ribbons and embellishments on the card and finish off with a simple greetings “Merry Christmas” or greetings of your choice.
Post-it note pad Gifts
Create a personalized post-it note pad for your loved ones. Use the square templates from KCK die cuts.  Cut 2 pieces as the base and 1 pieces rectangle shape for joining the top and bottom together. Decorate it with pattern papers, embellishments and lastly you can paste the name or greetings on the empty space provided.
Alternatively you can create a long rectangle post-it note pad. Measure the size that you want, score the centre of the card stock and make it like a book cover. Tape the post it note pad at the back and stick to the base. Decorate it with pattern papers, X’mas embellishments, ribbons and a simple greetings or name of the receiver on the front cover. 
All the post it note pad is refillable and you can re-use the cover again.
Hope you have fun and if you need any help, feel free to approach the counter staff for further assistance. 
Thank you and enjoy crafting in the month of December. 

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