Saturday, September 29, 2012

Inspiration By Alice

Today, I like to share with everyone something very different from the normal rubber stamping card.  I was introduced by a friend about Parchment Craft many years back and fell in love with it after realizing that you can create beautiful card with simple tools. By using vellum paper (or known as parchment paper), embossing tools and white pencil to create the card. Start the card by tracing pattern onto the vellum paper with white pencil, turn over the paper and go thru the lines with fine round ball tool. Followed by using a medium round ball tool to emboss the petals and see how the paper turn white from the original grey color. Once you complete the embossing, turn the vellum paper over and feel the paper is popped up which gives a 3D effect. Add a small ribbon or even simple sentiments “Best Wishes” on the card to make it completes.

Hope you like my simple card today and wishing everyone a good weekend ahead.

If you are keen to learn how to make this card, do drop off your contacts at the counter and will get in touch with you soon.


  1. Pretty card alice! i know it is soo difficult and takes a lot of patient :)

    1. Thank you Yenni for the compliments. Is very easy and I am sure you can do it too...


    2. Thank you Yenni. Not that difficult though but yes it does not patient...Give it a try and you will fell in love with it.